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Viewing and modifying metadata of events

You can view and modify metadata of an event in the Inspector panel. The inserted metadata can then be used as the search criteria to easily search assets in the Asset List panel.

  1. To view or modify metadata of an event, do one of the following below:
    • Drag and drop the event into the Inspector panel.
    • Double-click the event.

    The event metadata loads into the Inspector panel.

  2. On the Properties tab, you can view or modify metadata of the event.

    If GV STRATUS metadata access control is enforced, your credentials must give you adequate permissions. You can only view metadata with read permissions, and modify metadata with write permissions. If read or write permissions are denied, your metadata fields will be disabled.

    You can also change the order of metadata display via Metadata | Inspector Sections in the GV STRATUS Control Panel. However, it is only applicable to Tag, Comment, Description and custom metadata.

  3. To lock the status of the event, click the Unprotected button.

    The event is now protected. To unprotect, click the Protected button.

  4. To add a star rating, click the star or stars next to Rating. When you add a star, it retains the color fill even when the mouse is no longer hovering over it.
  5. To view list of placeholders and related assets, see other tabs of the Inspector panel.

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