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Renaming an event

  • If GV STRATUS security is enforced, your credentials must give you adequate permissions on bins, assets, and metadata.
  • In order to change the name of an event, you must be assigned with write permission for the Name property in Metadata section of GV STRATUS Control Panel.
  1. Select the event that you want to rename.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Press the F2 key
    • Right-click and select Rename Event.

    The Rename dialog appears.

  3. Enter the new name for the event.

    The name must conform to asset and bin name limitations.

    The name change must not be a change in capitalization only.

    Note: If you reached the character limit, the Name field will be disabled and a red cross indicator displayed. Shorten the event name to enable the field again.
  4. Click OK.

The event name changes to the new name.

Renaming an event via double-click is also supported subject to these conditions below:

  • Double-click to rename event from Inspector is different from the right-click to modify event.
  • Double-click to rename event from Inspector is only supported for single event, recurring event is not supported.
  • Double-click to rename event from Inspector will only take effect on the selected event, regardless of main or backup event.

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