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Medium (A1) system description: Proxy on K2 Summit SAN

A medium (A1) GV STRATUS system is characterized by proxy stored on the online or production K2 Summit SAN. Attached to the K2 SAN is a Proxy server, which is a GV STRATUS server with role of Proxy K2 SAN Server. This Proxy server provides access to the low resolution proxy media stored on the K2 SAN. The server provides an HTTP server that GV STRATUS client PCs access for proxy. A SMB share is also required to which servers such as K2 systems and Render Engines write proxy.

This medium GV STRATUS system is designed for a typical workflow and consists of a K2 Summit online or production SAN, multiple GV STRATUS servers, and multiple GV STRATUS client PCs. Client PCs that use a proxy media workflow are connected to the Corporate LAN or to the control network. Client PCs that use a high resolution media workflow are connected to the media (iSCSI) network. At least one PC must host the GV STRATUS Control Panel application. A designated PC on the control network hosts the SiteConfig application and the K2Config application. GV STRATUS Control Panel, SiteConfig, and K2Config applications can all be on the same PC, and that PC can be the K2 SAN control point PC.

In addition to the Proxy Server, one or more GV STRATUS servers host components that provide the underlying functionality to the overall GV STRATUS system. Components can be distributed across multiple GV STRATUS servers to provide processing power as needed to support the workflow.

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