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Small (Express) system description: Proxy on Core Services server

A small (Express) GV STRATUS system is characterized by proxy stored on a GV STRATUS Express server, which is a GV STRATUS server with all roles, including the roles of Proxy Server and Render Engine. Consult with Grass Valley for alternate configurations, such as the Render Engine on a dedicated server, as appropriate for your workflow. The GV STRATUS Express server has internal storage with expanded capacity to store proxy media. The server provides an HTTP server that GV STRATUS client PCs access for proxy. A SMB share is also required to which servers such as K2 systems and Render Engines write proxy.

This small GV STRATUS system is designed for a basic workflow and consists of K2 Summit systems, a GV STRATUS Express server, and one or more GV STRATUS client PCs. The K2 Summit systems can be one or several standalone systems, a K2 SAN, or a combination of a SAN and standalone systems. Client PCs use a proxy media workflow and are connected to the Corporate LAN or to the control network. At least one PC must host the GV STRATUS Control Panel application. A designated PC on the control network hosts the SiteConfig application.

In addition to its role of Proxy Server, the GV STRATUS Express server hosts components that provide the underlying functionality to the overall GV STRATUS system. These components provide media management, license manager, and user preference functionality.

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