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The Source Viewer

The Source Viewer allows you to preview assets, both assets already recorded and assets currently being recorded. The Source Viewer appears in the application as a standalone panel when you select it in the Navigator panel or from the Window | Panels menu. However, the Source Viewer appears in a composite panel when you launch Advanced Logging or Storyboard Editor.

The Source Viewer includes the following components :
  • Overlay Controls — Transport controls navigate through the asset. Visible when you hover the mouse pointer over the asset. Movable with drag-and-drop. Not all controls are displayed when the panel is not fully expanded.
  • Clip Viewer — Displays the asset.
  • Audio Overlay — Displays the audio settings embedded with the asset.
  • Show/Hide Controls — Shows and hides the controls.
  • Scrub Bar — Scrubs through the asset.
  • Controls — Allows you to mark up the asset.
  • Add/Remove Buttons — Allows you to choose which Control buttons to display.
  • Timecode Controls — Allows you to select the mark in/out and other timecode types to display. Also lets you navigate through the clip to a specific timecode. If desired, the timecode controls can also be expanded and resized in the panel.

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