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Using the ShuttlePro Controller with GV STRATUS viewers

GV STRATUS supports the use of ShuttlePro Controller with the Source Viewer and Inspector.

Any commands you send using the Shuttle Pro Controller apply to the currently active panel or window, which is considered to have focus. When a window has focus, you can perform tasks such as navigating through a clip or trimming a clip. Always bear in mind that you need to give focus to a panel or window before you can apply the ShuttlePro Controller commands.

  1. Plug the ShuttlePro controller into a USB connector on the GV STRATUS client.

    A default layout has been provided with pre-configured keys. Keyboard shortcut keys are as below:

    • Forward speeds:
      Keyboard shortcuts Forward Speed
      Shift + F1 0.1
      Shift + F2 0.3
      Shift + F3 0.5
      Shift + F4 1.0
      Shift + F5 1.5
      Shift + F6 2.0
      Shift + F7 4.0
      Shift + F8 8.0
      Shift + F9 16.0
    • Reverse speeds:
      Keyboard shortcuts Reverse Speed
      Ctrl + F1 0.1
      Ctrl + F2 0.3
      Ctrl + F3 0.5
      Ctrl + F4 1.0
      Ctrl + F5 1.5
      Ctrl + F6 2.0
      Ctrl + F7 4.0
      Ctrl + F8 8.0
      Ctrl + F9 16.0
  2. Use the ShuttlePro Controller to scroll through, add markers or keywords, and trim clip in the Source Viewer or Inspector.

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