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Storyboard buttons

These buttons and controls located on the Storyboard let you perform various functions:
  • New Sequence: Creates a new sequence.
  • Save Sequence: Saves selected sequence.
  • Close Sequence: Closes selected sequence.
  • Locate Sequence: Navigate to this sequence in the Asset List viewer.
  • Launch in EDIUS: Launches the sequence in the EDIUS XS application.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected item or items. Disabled if delete rights denied in GV STRATUS Control Panel.
  • Split: Splits the item at the current position.
  • Trim In: Trims the start of the event at the current position.
  • Trim Out: Trims the end of the event at the current position.
  • Add Transition: Adds a transition to the event.
  • Show/Hide Transition Panel: Edit current transition settings
  • View Mode: Controls the display and size of the items in a list or panel.

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