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Acronis 8162: Creating a recovery disk image for storing on E: Type I

Do the following at the local server to create a disk image of the C: partition and the D: partition and store the image file on the E: partition:
  1. Disconnect the AC power cabling from the bottom CPU/IO module.
  2. Perform the steps in this procedure on the top CPU/IO module.
  3. Make sure that media access is stopped and that the system on which you are working is not being used.
  4. Startup and in BIOS setup disable OS Boot Monitoring. Refer to related topics in this Topic Library.
  5. If you have not already done so, connect keyboard, monitor, and mouse.
  6. Do the following:
    1. Insert the Recovery CD.
    2. Restart the machine. If there is a problem restarting, hold the standby button down for five seconds to force a hard shutdown. Then press the standby button again to startup.
    The system boots from the Recovery CD. The Acronis program loads.
  7. At the startup screen, select True Image Server OEM (Full Version). The Acronis main window appears.
  8. In the Acronis main window, click Backup. The Create Backup Wizard opens.
  9. On the Welcome page, click Next.
  10. On the Partitions Selection page, do the following:
    1. Select the (C:) and the (D:) partitions and then click Next.
  11. On the Backup Archive Location page, do the following:
    1. In the tree view select the Backup (E:) partition and enter the name of the image file you are creating. Create the file name using the machine hostname and the date. Name the file with the .tib extension. For example, if the hostname is MySystem1, in the File name field you enter E:\MySystem1_20180327.tib.
    2. Click Next.
  12. On the Backup Options page, do not change any settings. Click Next.
  13. On the Archive Comment page, if desired, enter image comments such as the date, time, and software versions contained in the image you are creating. Click Next.
  14. On the “…ready to proceed…” page, do the following:
    1. Verify that you are creating images from the C: and D: partitions and writing to the E: partition, then click Proceed.
  15. On the Operation Progress page, observe the progress report.
  16. When a message appears indicating a successful backup, click OK.
  17. Click Operations | Exit to exit the Acronis True Image program. The machine restarts automatically.
  18. Remove the recovery media while the machine is shutting down.
  19. Wait until startup processes are complete on the top CPU/IO module. Leave the module running.
  20. On the bottom CPU/IO module, connect AC power cabling. The module starts up.
  21. Restart and in BIOS setup enable OS Boot Monitoring. Refer to related topics in this Topic Library.

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