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Configuring the MOS Device for Octopus

You need to configure the MOS Device before using Octopus with GV STRATUS.

  1. Launch the Octopus client, and click the Devices button.

    The Devices page opens.

  2. Click the New button on the toolbar.

    The Device window opens.

  3. Configure the Basic tab as follows:
    mosID These values must match those set for the XMOS Server.
    Version This value must match with the version set for the XMOS Server.
    Disabled Unchecked
    Media host Name or IP address of machine hosting the SDB Server.
    Media port SDB Server port (normally won’t change from default setting)
    Rundown host Name or IP address of machine hosting the XMOS Server.
    Rundown port XMOS Server port (normally won’t change from default setting)
  4. Configure the Stories tab as follows:
    Option Setting
    Send empty stories
    Send production requirements
    Send story custom fields
    Use standard ed times
  5. Configure the Rundowns tab as follows:
    Refresh method roReplace
    Send roMetadataReplace
    Send broadcast channel name in roChannel
    roSlug pattern %TYPE% %START%
  6. Configure the Prompting tab as follows:
    Send story text
    Keep sending roStoryReplace or roElementAction
  7. Configure the Status tab as follows:
    Accepts on-air status
    Accept status for slugs in not-ready rundowns
    1. Create these status categories (these are the suggested names and order):

  8. Configure the MOS Objects tab as follows:
    Update private objects
    Translate redirected IDs
    Supports mosListAll
    Display name instead of jobID
  9. Configure the Placeholders tab as follows:
    Allow MOS object creation
    Default MOS object creation device
    Allow automatic MOS object creation
    Use the <mosObjCreate> message
    Default duration of created MOS objects 00:00:00:00
    Naming pattern of created MOS objects %NAME
  10. On the Other tab, configure as follows:
    Send and receive times in UTC
  11. Click OK.

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