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Defining Function Keys

The computer function keys (F1 - F12) provide shortcuts to some GV STRATUS Rundown commands, and are pre-configured by default to control the following functions for channels 1 through 3. You can click the button to view the summary of those pre-configured function key assignments.
GV STRATUS Rundown function Function Key
Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel 3
Play/Stop Cued Clip F1 F5 F9
Recue Current Clip F2 F6 F10
Cue Previous Clip F3 F7 F11
Cue Next Clip F4 F8 F12
To reassign a function; select the Function Key number, the channel it affects, and the command you want the function key to perform.
Setting Option Description
Function Key F1 through F12 Select the function key you want to set.
Channel <none> Select the channel on which the function key will operate.
Channel 1-6
Command <none> Select the command the function key will perform on the specified channel.
Cue Previous
Cue Next
Enable X-keys On (checked) Select the Enable X-keys check box to allow GV STRATUS Rundown to use an X-keys Jog/Shuttle controller. Click Configure to define the function of each X-key.
Off (unchecked)

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