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Configuring the X-Keys Controller

Optionally, GV STRATUS Rundown can be used with the X-keys Jog/Shuttle controller.

You can change current commands or add new commands to the X-keys in the GV STRATUS Rundown configuration settings.

  1. Check Enable X-keys on the Function Keys tab and click Configure.

    The X-keys Configuration dialog appears.

  2. Click on the key that you want to configure or modify. A drop-down list displays the available commands.
  3. Select a command to apply to this key.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to configure additional keys.
  5. To configure the back light intensity of the X-keys controller, drag the pointer on the Blue Intensity and Red Intensity scrub bars towards the minimum or maximum value.

    The back light of the X-keys controller illuminates according to selected intensity on those scrub bars. To differentiate between the Green and Red layer, you can set a different back light color to each layer.

  6. Once you have finished the configuration, click OK.

    In addition to keys, some controllers include the jog/shuttle knob. The jog control, the center disk of the knob, allows you to make precise frame by frame selections for editing that can be configured in the Variable Speed Presets section in the configuration dialog.

    The outer rim can be used in Shuttle or Varispeed mode. The SH/VS key toggles between the two modes.

    Shuttle and Varispeed modes both allow you to play clips at various preset fast forward, rewind, and slow-motion speeds. In Shuttle mode, when you release the knob the clip stops. In Varispeed mode, when you release the knob the clip keeps playing until you press the Stop key.

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