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Installing the X-keys Jog/Shuttle Controller

Once you have installed GV STRATUS Rundown, you can connect and install the optional X-keys Jog/Shuttle controller.

GV STRATUS Rundown has been qualified to work with these X-keys Jog/Shuttle controllers:

  • XK-24-USB Keypad Controller
  • XK-68-Jog/Shuttle USB Controller
  1. Plug in the X-keys Controller to the USB port on GV STRATUS Rundown machine.

    The Driver Software Installation window appears and the driver software installs automatically.

  2. Wait for all status to change to Ready to use and green check marks appear for all items, then click Close.
  3. Start GV STRATUS Rundown.
  4. In the GV STRATUS Rundown Tools menu, select Options.
  5. Select the Function Keys tab.
  6. Verify the “Enable X-keys” box is checked and click Configure.

Now you can configure and use the X-keys Jog/Shuttle controller.

You can customize the X-keys to suit your needs.

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