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Setting channel configuration

Setting Options Description
Select Channel 1-6 Select the channel to configure.
Channel Channel Name Enter a name for the channel.
Include in Rotation On; Off Check Include in Rotation to include this channel when automatically assigning channels.
Use Backup On; Off Check Use Backup if you are using a second media server for mirrored playback.
Main Playback Channel/Backup Playback Channel Control Type RS 422; Ethernet Select the type of channel connection.
Playback Control Port Select the primary port for this channel.
Media Server Enter the name of the K2 Media Client, K2 Summit Production Client or M-Series.
Server Channel Name Enter the name of the channel you are using for this playback channel. Use the naming convention VTR1, VTR2, etc., for the channel name.
Click the button to view the complete list of channel information after the configuration.

This symbol indicates that a GV STRATUS Rundown channel is no longer connected to its corresponding channel on the media server. Check the following possible problems; as you cannot remotely control the media server while this symbol is present:

  • Playout channels on the media server are not set to use the remote AMP protocol.
  • If you are using RS-422, there is no physical serial/network cable connection between GV STRATUS Rundown and the media server used for playout.
  • If you are using Ethernet channel connections, the entries for media server or Server Channel Name are not set correctly in the GV STRATUS Rundown Channel Configuration.
  • COM ports are set incorrectly in the GV STRATUS Rundown Channel Configuration.

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