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Setting up STRATUS Database Server in SDB Server

To connect to the host of STRATUS Database Server:

  1. Click on the STRATUS tab.

  2. Enter the following system information:
    Setting Description
    STRATUS Database Server Enter the name of the computer hosting the STRATUS Database Server.
  3. Click Apply and OK.
After this setting is configured, STRATUS database can be accessed via the STRATUS ActiveX Plug-in within GV STRATUS Rundown, and proxy paths of assets are available to the newsroom computer system.
Note: If the STRATUS Database Server setting is changed in the STRATUS Control Panel application, you also need to launch and save the Rundown settings in the STRATUS Control Panel to update the configuration. Then, SDB Server needs to be restarted to get the new setting of the STRATUS Database Server.

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