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Configuring the Simple Database (SDB) Server

When using a Hot Standby SDB Server, you should be logged in as Administrator while making any changes to the Options settings.

Note: If you want to configure the GV STRATUS application with GV STRATUS Rundown, refer to related topics about Rundown configuration settings in the this Topic Library in order to configure the SDB Server.

The SDB Server provides you with status on all GV STRATUS Rundown playlists associated with NCS rundowns and media servers.

  1. Double-click SDB Server button . on the desktop; or click the Start menu and choose Programs | Grass Valley | GV STRATUS Rundown | SDB Server.
  2. Choose Tools | Options. The Options window appears.
  3. Go through each tab on the Options window and configure SDB Server using descriptions in the following sections.
  4. Click OK.

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