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Setting Media options of SDB Server

A K2 system that is a playout server must have a Grass Valley Media Server MDI configured in GV STRATUS Control Panel. Refer to related topics in this Topic Library.

Setting Options Description
Playout Servers Defines playout media servers, as configured in Grass Valley Media Server MDI settings. Click Add, enter the Name and Drive where the media is stored on the playout server, and click OK. If you are using mirrored playback, add both servers here.
Ingest Servers Use the Auto Transfer feature to automatically transfer media from a source (ingest) server to a destination (playout) server. The Auto Transfer takes place only when media that is sent to or recorded on the ingest server is associated with a Playout placeholder that is part of a MOS-Active rundown. To add an ingest server, check Auto Transfer, click Add, enter the name, and click OK. To change the ingest server to a different server, select the server and click Rename. A media server can only be either a source or destination server for Auto Transfer, so the same media server should never be added to both the Playout and Ingest sections. If you are not using Auto Transfer, leave this section blank.
Media Bin GV STRATUS Rundown creates a default Media Bin where playout media is sent; also used for monitoring ready status and clip duration.
Rundown Status Monitor all rundowns Select Monitor all rundowns to update statuses for stories in all active rundowns in your newsroom computer system, regardless of whether they are currently open in GV STRATUS Rundown; this is the default.
Monitor open rundowns only Select Monitor open rundowns only to update statuses for only the rundowns that are open in GV STRATUS Rundown; when set, only updates the status column in your newsroom computer system for open rundowns.
Thumbnails 16:9; 4:3 Select the video aspect ratio for thumbnails displayed in GV STRATUS Rundown components.

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