Other Topic Library Versions

GV STRATUS Rundown Version 8.2

  • Aurora Playout name change to GV STRATUS Rundown — The Aurora Playout product is rebranded as GV STRATUS Rundown to reflect its workflow in the news environment with the GV STRATUS 3.5 application.
  • Audible countdown before a playback — Support for audible countdown setting before the start of a playback. The audible countdown audio file can be selected in the Playback setting of the GV STRATUS Rundown application. Refer to Setting Playback options for more information about this setting.
  • NIS5 NRCS support — Support for Evoxe NIS5 newsroom computer system.
  • GV STRATUS 3.5 support — The GV STRATUS Rundown application supports the workflow with GV STRATUS 3.5 Media Workflow Application Framework.
  • Documentation — PDF manuals are replaced by an online HTML format Topic Library. Refer to Topic Library replaces PDF manuals.

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