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Setting a Preview Device

Store and manage hardware products as preview devices when editing while viewing an external monitor connected to your PC.

This section describes how to configure preview devices by an example of Grass Valley hardware product.

1Connect the device used for editing to a hardware product.
2Click [Settings] on the menu bar, and click [System Settings].
3Click the [Hardware] tree, and click [Preview Device].
4Click the hardware product to be used as a preview device.

Hardware products available for the preview device are displayed.

A check mark appears on the side of the device name.

5Click [Settings].

The detailed setting screen for the preview device appears.

Color bar is displayed on the upper part of the screen. The color bar is displayed in the same way on preview device monitors.

6Click the [Settings] tree and click an item to set.
7Set each item.

Configure the detailed setting for the preview device.

You can continue to set other items by clicking [Apply].

The setting items differ depending on the hardware products you use.

Preview device settings

Storing Device Presets

8Click [OK].
9Click [OK].
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