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Creating Color Bar/Color Matte/Title Clip

The following explains how to create color bar clips, color matte clips and title clips.

Color Bar Clips

Create a color bar clip.

1Click [New Clip] in the bin.
2Click [Color Bars].

The [Color Bars] dialog box appears.

3Make the color bar settings, and click [OK].

Color Matte Clips

Create a color matte clip.

1Click [New Clip] in the bin.
2Click [Color Matte].

The [Color Matte] dialog box appears.

3Click the color palette.

Set the color palette starting from the left.

The [Color Select] dialog box appears.

[Color Select] Dialog Box

4Set the color.
5Click [OK].

The screen returns to the [Color Matte] dialog box. To set a gradation, enter a numerical value of 2 or higher at [Colors] in the [Color Matte] dialog box, and repeat steps 3 to 5.

6Set the direction of the gradation, and click [OK].

The gradation can be specified by, for example, entering the numerical value in degrees, rotating the mouse wheel or dragging the mouse.

[Color Select] Dialog Box
Color spectrum

Drag the cursor to set the color difference (Cr, Cb).

Luminance slider

Drag the slider to set the luminance (Y).

YCrCb value input field

Enter a numerical value for brightness and color difference to set the color.

Color palette

Select a color from the standard color palette.

RGB value input field

Enter a numerical value for red (R), green (G) and blue (B) to set the color.

Color picker

Select the color from the Player/Recorder display frame. Click [ColorPicker], and click the desired color in the video currently displayed on the Player/Recorder.

[IRE Warning]

Check this item to display the color spectrum and luminance slider in the limited range of 0 to 100 IRE. The IRE value for the selected color is displayed under this check box.

Preview box

Display the preset color.

Title Clips

Create a title clip.

1Click [Add Title] in the bin.

Quick Titler will start up.

2Create the title clip.

Quick Titler

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