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GV Job Monitor Screen Configuration

[Job] Palette

On the [Job] palette, you can check the progress of the processed rendering job, or you can cancel a rendering process.



Resume the job selected on the job list.



Pause the job selected on the job list.



Cancel the job selected on the job list.



Change the [Priority] of the job selected on the job list. For [Priority], three stages of [High], [Normal] and [Low] can be set.



Display the properties of the job selected on the job list.


Setting of display according to job status

Check job status items to display the applicable jobs in the job list.

[In Progress]

Display jobs which are in rendering processes.


Display jobs for which the rendering processes have completed.


Display jobs on which errors occurred during the rendering processes.


Display jobs for which the rendering processes have been canceled.

[Current Project Only]

Display only the jobs in the currently open project.

  • The [Current Project Only] item is not displayed on the [GV Job Monitor] application.


[Job Types]

Check an item of job type to display the applicable jobs in the job list.

  • Using the check box that appears on the top of the list, you can select/deselect all the items.

[Export/Batch Export]

Display file export or batch export jobs.

[Waveform Cache]

Display wave information (waveform representation of audio) generation jobs.


Display proxy file creation jobs.

[Convert File]

Display file conversion jobs.

[Partial Rendering]

Display partial rendering jobs.

[Clip Rendering]

Display clip rendering jobs.



Enter a keyword to execute searching from all jobs. The job list will show jobs that match the entered keyword.

The keyword is searched from all the information of the jobs on the job list, such as [Job Name] and [Export File Path].


Job list

Display jobs registered to the Render Service as rendering jobs.

The progress and status of the rendering process of each job can be checked.

The icons of jobs indicate the following statuses.

: Succeeded rendering job

: Job on which an error occurred

: Job in the waiting state of rendering process/job in rendering process, canceled job

  • Every click of an item switches the sorting order between ascending and descending.

    Some of the items do not support sorting in ascending/descending order.

  • You can sort the order of the items by dragging and dropping them. You can also change the display width of an item by dragging its border. After being changed, the sorting order and display width are retained.

  • Right-clicking on a job displays a menu with which you can display a file of processed job on the Player or add the file to the bin. You can also start Explorer to display the saving destination folder of the file. Selecting multiple jobs and right-clicking on them will also display the menu which you can use to perform batch operation on the selected jobs.

  • The history is maintained for 7 days.



Check this item to display notification when a job is started or finished or an error occurs.

  • If notification does not appear even after this item is checked, check the Windows configuration.



Set the items to display on the job list.

[GV Job Monitor] Application

The screen configuration of the [GV Job Monitor] application is the same as that of the [Job] palette except for some parts.

For details on the screen configuration of the [GV Job Monitor] application, see [Job] Palette .

[Job] Palette

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