Applying the Adjusted Effect to Another Clip

You can copy effects applied to a particular clip, or replace them with other effects from other clips.

Copying Effects

You can copy adjusted effects applied to a clip, and then apply it to other clips with their original settings.

1) Click the area with effects applied on the timeline.

2) Drag and drop the effect in the effect list in the [Information] palette to the copy destination.

Copying Transition

1) Click a transition specified on the timeline, and click [Copy] of the timeline.

2) Select the clip on which to paste the transition.

3) Click the [Set Default Transition] list button.

4) Click the clip paste method.


Replacing Effects

Copy an adjusted filter or mixer applied to a clip, and use it to replace a filter or mixer on other clips.

1) Click a clip with a filter or mixer applied, and click [Copy].

2) Click the clip to be the paste destination.

3) Click the [Replace Clip (All)] list button on the timeline.

4) Click [Filter] or [Mixer].

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