Changing the Project Setting (Detailed Settings)

Change the project settings by modifying the detailed settings of an existing project preset.


  • The settings of the original preset will not be changed if you change the project settings of a project you are currently editing.

    To create a new project preset or change the existing project preset settings, use [Application] in [System Settings] → [Project Preset].

    Project Preset/Project Template

  • When changing the settings for [TC preset], [TC Mode], [Total Length], and [Channel map] in the project settings while editing a project, the change is not reflected in the created sequence. Change the settings of the created sequence in the [Sequence settings] dialog box for each sequence.

    Sequence Settings

1) Click the [Save Project] list button on the timeline.

2) Click [Project Settings].


3) Select a project preset, and click [Change current setting].

4) Change the settings, and click [OK].

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