About the Stereoscopic Edit Mode

In the stereoscopic edit mode, stereoscopic processed video can be output to the monitor, and stereoscopic clips can be edited and exported to file by the exporter for stereoscopic editing.

Notes on Stereoscopic Editing

Inadequate 3D video may affect the health of viewers, so take care of output results.

According to 3D Consortium “3DC Safety Guidelines”, it is recommended to avoid the situation where the disparity on the display exceeds the distance between the right and left eyes (50 mm for children).

In recent Hollywood 3D movies, the comfortable range of disparity should be shorter than approximately 2% of the screen horizontal width.

For details of safe and comfortable 3D contents creation, see 3D Consortium “3DC Safety Guidelines” (English: http://www.3dc.gr.jp/english/index.html) .

For commercial use, inquire about supply standards to clients.

Stereoscopic Edit Workflow

The following explains the stereoscopic edit workflow.

1) Set [Stereoscopic Editing] to [ON] in the [Project Settings] (Detailed Settings) dialog box.

2) Set a preview window or preview device.

3) Import stereoscopic sources.

4) If necessary, set separate clips of the L side (for left eye) and the R side (for right eye) as stereoscopic.

5) Adjust video drift in stereoscopic clips.

6) Export the project.

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