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Playing ganged channels in loop play

  1. Launch a Channel Panel.
  2. Load assets into channels so they are cued up and ready to play. You can load the same asset on all channels or load different assets on individual channels.
  3. Click the Loop Playback button. The gang is now cued in loop play mode, as indicated by the highlighted loop play button.
  4. Click the the Play button. ( W) Loop play begins on the channels. When each clip reaches its end, it automatically starts to play again from its beginning.
  5. Control loop play as follows:
    • To pause loop play, click the Pause button.
    • To resume loop play, click the Play button. When loop play restarts it begins at the point from which it stopped.
    • To stop loop play when it reaches the end of the clip, click the Loop Playback button. Playout continues normally and stops at the end of the clip.
    Spacebar = Play/Pause. Toggles between play and pause.

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