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SiteConfig network setup for corporate LAN

Only systems with GV STRATUS client PCs on the corporate LAN require this process. Add the corporate LAN to the SiteConfig system description.
  1. Open the SiteConfig application.
  2. In the Network Configuration | Networks tree view, select a System node or a Site node. The networks under that node are displayed in the list view.
  3. If the corporate LAN is not already in the system description, proceed as follows:
    • To add a network under the currently selected node, in the tree view right-click the node and select Add Network.
    The Network Settings dialog box opens.
  4. Configure the settings for the network as follows:
    • Type – Ethernet
    • Usage – Control
    • Redundancy – None
    • Name – Enter a name to identify the network in the system description
    • Exclude from Host Files – Select the checkbox
    • Unmanaged – Select this option, then select DNS and select the checkbox for IP Address Allocation via DHCP.
    • Base IP Address – Do not configure
    • Number of IP Addresses – Do not configure
    • Subnet Mask – Do not configure
    • DNS Servers – Servers providing DNS for name resolution. These DNS server can be for both managed and unmanaged networks.
    • Default Interface Name Suffix – The suffix added to the end of host names to identify interfaces on this network.
  5. Click OK to save settings and close.
  6. If you added a network, it appears in the Network Configuration | Networks tree view at the bottom of the list.

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