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GV STRATUS system and server variants

The GV STRATUS server is the primary device that supports GV STRATUS system functionality. These servers can be configured in a variety of ways to support the workflow requirements of specific GV STRATUS systems. This topic describes some of the server variants for typical GV STRATUS systems, as an aid to understanding the scope of GV STRATUS systems in general. Other system configurations can require server variants not described here. Those other variants are available if needed to meet unique workflow requirements. Consult with your Grass Valley representative to determine your needs.

Variants of the GV STRATUS server include the following:
  • GV STRATUS Express serverA GV STRATUS server with all the roles necessary for a basic GV STRATUS system, including the role of Proxy Express Server. The server has larger drives than other GV STRATUS servers to accommodate the low-resolution proxy media that is stored on the local server. This server is designed for use on smaller GV STRATUS systems where no other GV STRATUS servers or proxy systems are present.
  • GV STRATUS Core serverA GV STRATUS server that has the role of Core Services on a system with multiple GV STRATUS servers. The server provides media management functionality, including the GV STRATUS database and associated software components.
  • Proxy serverThe GV STRATUS server on an online or production K2 SAN that provides access to the low-resolution proxy media stored on the SAN. The server has the role of Proxy K2 SAN Server and SNFS file system client.
  • Proxy Storage file system serverThe GV STRATUS server on a dedicated Proxy Storage system that provides access to the low-resolution proxy media stored on the system. The server has the roles of Proxy Storage Server and SNFS file system server for the Proxy Storage system.
  • Render EngineA GV STRATUS server that functions as a proxy encoder and as a conform server. As a proxy encoder, the server creates low-resolution proxy assets. If a high-resolution asset does not yet have associated proxy, the server creates it. The software that provides the proxy encoder functionality can run on a dedicated Render Engine server or on a GV STRATUS server that has other roles as well, such as a GV STRATUS Express server. As a conform server, the server hosts the Render Engine Service. The service renders a complex asset, such as a GV STRATUS sequence or a project created in EDIUS, into a simple clip.
  • Workflow ServerA GV STRATUS server dedicated to hosting the Workflow Engine Service, the Rules Engine Service, and the Xcode Control Engine Service. These services support rules-based operations.

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