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Searching assets using the GV STRATUS plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  • If GV STRATUS security is enforced, your credentials must give you adequate permissions on bins and assets. Bins and assets that do not allow read permissions are not visible.
You can search for assets in the GV STRATUS system using the Navigator panel.
  1. For simple searches, in the Search tool of the Navigator, enter the word or a fragment of the word for your search.

    For a simple search you can enter text with advanced query syntax. Assets with names, tags, descriptions, comments, marker text, or custom text data that match the search are returned. Refer to related topics for more information.
  2. For advanced searches, click the Advanced Search Toggle button next to the Simple Search tool.

    The advanced search options opened.

  3. Configure an advanced search with the provided options. Refer to related topics for more information.
  4. To start the search, click the Search button.
  5. To clear the search, click X.

Assets matching the search criteria are displayed in the Navigator panel. Search of 1080p assets is also supported via the GV STRATUS plug-in.

However, unlike search results in the main GV STRATUS application; search results within the plug-in do not include these assets:
  • Non SAN assets
  • Assets in the Lost and Found directory
  • EDIUS sequences

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