GV STRATUS Version 7.0

  • AMPP integration — GV STRATUS introduces an integration with GV AMPP® (Agile Media Processing Platform) in this release. This enables users to assign GV STRATUS assets that will be visible in AMPP and usable by any AMPP applications. The integration includes support for upload of proxies and metadata to AMPP, and also high-res rendering of assets. To enable AMPP integration in GV STRATUS Control Panel, refer to AMPP Integration settings.
  • AMPP Connected rule — GV STRATUS supports the configuration of a new rule to set metadata on GV STRATUS assets for those assets to be accessible in AMPP. For more info, refer to Adding an AMPP Connected rule.
  • HDR support — GV STRATUS now supports HDR workflow of 1080p and 2160p assets with GV I/O servers via SMPTE 2110 channels. The HDR metadata is supported for 1080p and 2160p assets with HLG or PQ dynamic range type. This feature allows writing of HDR metadata into CMF, MXF and GXF file formats. Rec 2020 colorspace with Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG/Rec2100) and PQ (HDR10/SMPTE ST2084 – 1,000cd/m2) transfer curves are the formats supported.
  • Web Client enhancements — Various enhancements to Assignment List, Simple Editor, and Segmentation panels in GV STRATUS Web Clients.
  • Windows 11 support — GV STRATUS now supports Windows 11 operating system for GV STRATUS and EDIUS clients. For more info, refer to System requirements for GV STRATUS client PC .
  • Documentation — Latest updates to GV STRATUS compatibility tables in the Release Notes section on November 24th, 2023. For more details, refer to GV STRATUS Version compatibility.

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