Editing Using Proxy Files

In this mode, proxy data that has been optimized for editing, for example, by lowering image quality from the original high-resolution data is used. You can proceed with editing more effortlessly since the load placed on the CPU during editing can be lightened.

When only the proxy or source including the proxy has been checked out for checkout field editing, the project automatically opens in the proxy mode.

Field Editing a Project

Switching to the Proxy Mode

1) Click [Mode] on the menu bar, and click [Proxy Mode].

Creating Proxy Files

Create a proxy from clips (high-resolution) in the bin or on the timeline.


  • Proxies of the following clips cannot be created:

    • Clips other than video clips

    • Still image clips

    • Title clips

    • Clips already containing a proxy

    • Clips with a bitrate smaller than the proxy

    • Clips with alpha channel

    • Clips with a frame rate other than 23.98 fps/24 fps/25 fps/29.97 fps/30 fps/50 fps/59.94 fps/60 fps

    • Clips with an audio sampling rate other than 48000 Hz, 44100 Hz and 32000 Hz

    • Partially transferred clips

1) Click [File] on the menu bar, and click [Create Proxy] → an item.

2) Click [Yes].

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