What You Can Do with Primary Color Correction

You can adjust the brightness and color by applying color grading on a clip shot in the Log format.

[Primary Color Correction] has predefined color space profiles that support Log formats for each of the camera manufacturers.

When a clip is recognized by its metadata as a Log file, [Primary Color Correction] filter will automatically select an optimal color space and adjust the brightness and colors.

You can also select the color space manually.

You can obtain preferred brightness and colors by fine adjusting the parameters.

What is Log?


  • Some Log formats may not be supported.

What is Log?

Log is a shooting format that can maintain wide dynamic range.

For videos shot in the Log format, color grading is essential. By performing color grading on a shot video with lower contrast, wider color tone range can be realized to reproduce realistic images that are closer to what it actually looks like.

Even under conditions where highlight/shadow detail loss is likely to occur, shooting in the Log format will help in correcting the details later without deteriorating the image quality.

Reproducing Clouds Where Highlight Detail Loss Has Occurred

Adjusting the Brightness of a Person Where Shadow Detail Loss Has Occurred Due to Backlight

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