Changing Image Quality for Preview

Reducing image resolution or bit depth for preview improves the performance of real time playback. Although the preview image quality becomes lower, it reduces the load on PC and you can edit data comfortably.

Make use of this feature when you apply heavy-load effects such as [Mask] and [Layouter], or when you play the timeline where high-resolution clips such as 4K are placed.

1) Click [Preview Quality] on the menu bar, and select an item.


Previews video without changing the resolution and bit depth.

[Full 8bit]

Previews video with the original resolution maintained but with the bit depth changed to 8 -bit.

This is displayed only for projects with video quantization bitrate of 10 -bit.


Previews video in 1/2 of the original resolution.


Previews video in 1/4 of the original resolution.


Previews video in 1/8 of the original resolution.


Previews video in 1/16 of the original resolution.


  • Depending on the [Preview Quality] setting, the timecode or level meter in the status area may not be displayed.

Playing Back Video with Effects Applied Smoothly

When heavy-load effects such as [Mask] or [Layouter] are applied on a clip, real time processing may not catch up and the timeline may not be played back smoothly.

Draft preview can be used in such a case. Although the preview image quality becomes lower, it does not take time for converting resolution or bit depth, and the timeline can be played back quickly. If you need to check image details, adding the check mark for [Show full quality when Paused] can let you check the image in the original quality when playback is paused.

Changing Image Quality for Preview

Playing Back 4K Video Smoothly

Draft preview is effective in playback of timeline where the data amount is large due to a case such as heavy usage of high quality 4K image clips.

For example, when [1/2] is selected for [Preview Quality], 4K (3840x2160) video is displayed in the image quality equivalent to Full HD (1920x1080). If you edit video on a notebook PC, selecting [1/4] and previewing in full screen can maintain an adequate image quality.

By using the draft preview, you can handle high-quality image sources regardless of the performance of your PC.

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