Joining Multiple Video Clips All Together as a Single Clip

This section explains how to group multiple clips all together and set them as a single sequence clip, and how to ungroup single sequence clips.

Joining Multiple Clips (Set as Sequence)

Join multiple video clips all together as a single sequence clip.

1) Select and right-click the multiple clips in the bin, and click [Set as Sequence].


  • Conditions for setting as a sequence are as follows:

    • The clip type, image size and aspect ratio of all clips must be matching.

    • For video, the field order and frame rate of all clips must be matching.

    • For audio, the sampling rate, quantization bitrate and number of channels of all clips must be matching.

Canceling a Set Sequence

Cancel joining of a sequence clip.

1) Right-click a sequence clip in the bin, and click [Cancel Sequence].

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