About the Quick Titler Screen Configuration

About the Screen

The following explains the Quick Titler screen.

The Quick Titler screen mainly consists of a screen for the creation/editing of objects, a properties panel for setting the color and effects, and a style list that displays preset styles.

Quick Titler Screen


Quick Titler menu bar

Perform general operations for Quick Titler.


File tool bar

Operation buttons for new file creation/saving, copying/deleting, style registration and preview.


Object tool bar

Operation buttons for selection, text entry and creation/alignment of objects.


Object creating screen

Edit a title.


Title object property bar

Set the properties of a selected text object. [Background Properties], [Text Properties],[Image Properties],[Object Properties] will be displayed respectively.


Status bar

Displays a simple description of an operation button or menu, keyboard status and text object location.


Title object style bar

Displays a list of the styles that can be applied to a currently selected text object.


Layout bar

Align a text object to the center/title safe area/overscan area. Not displayed at the start-up for the first time.

Showing/Hiding Bars


Text entry bar

Enter text. Not displayed at the start-up for the first time. Text can also be entered directly in the object creating screen.

Showing/Hiding Bars

Showing/Hiding Bars

You can switch the show/hide setting for the title object property bar and title object style bar, etc.

1) Click [View] on the Quick Titler menu bar, and click a bar to hide/show.

Moving Bars

You can place the title object property bar and title object style bar where you want.

1) Drag a bar to move and drop it in its destination.

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