Automatic Adjustment of Loudness at File Export

You can measure the loudness and perform normalization at the same time when you export a project file.

For normalization, the volume of the entire project can be adjusted according to a predefined loudness reference value.

1) Click [Export] on the Recorder.

2) Click [Print to File].

3) Select a category in the category tree, and then select an exporter in the exporter/preset list.

4) Click the [Advanced] expand button.

5) Check [Normalize Loudness].

6) Select a preset from the loudness reference value list.

7) Click [Export], and configure according to the on-screen instructions.

8) Enter a file name, select the save destination and click [Save].

Export cancellation

If the audio of the project to be normalized is muted or low, after a message [The audio adjustment level is too large.] is displayed, export may be canceled. This is performed to prevent low-volume sound such as noise from being unintentionally adjusted louder.

[Print to File] (Advanced) Dialog Box

[Normalize Loudness] setting


Loudness reference value

Select the preset to use as the reference for loudness measurement and normalization.


[Output report file]

Check this item to export the loudness adjustment details and measurement result values of the sequence to a text file.

The text file will be saved in the same location as the exported project file. If project files are to be exported to FTP or some other destinations, they will be saved in the “Log” folder in the project folder.

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