High-Quality Slow Motion Settings

1) Right-click a clip on the timeline, and click [Time Effect] → [Speed].

2) Set each item.

3) Click [Field Option].

4) Select [Optical flow] in [Interpolation Method].

5) Click [OK].

6) Click [OK].

[Field Option] Dialog Box


[Interpolation Method]

[Nearest neighbor]

The length of the clip is adjusted by skipping frames or continuously displaying the same frame.

[Frame blending]

Adjacent frames are composed and a new frame is automatically generated to interpolate between the frames.

[Optical flow]

The motion in adjacent frames are analyzed by pixels and a new frame is automatically generated so that the motion of the subject is played back smoothly.


[Processing Option]

Set the processing option to reduce flicker during slow motion. Select [Deinterlace when speed is below 100%] if video is affected by the scanning line and flickers when a slower playback speed has been set.


[Save as default]

Click this item to save the current settings as defaults. When a clip is placed on the timeline, the default [Field Option] is always applied.

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