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GV STRATUS Version 6.0

  • GV STRATUS Social Media Engine — GV STRATUS introduces the new GV STRATUS Social Media Engine on the GV STRATUS Core server, Workflow Server, or a separate server, to publish content and metadata to popular social media networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube). For more info, refer to Publishing content to Social Media platforms and Social Media Engine Server set up process.
  • GVRE Transcoder — GV Render Engine is enhanced with a new function as a generic transcoder for import and export rules. The STRATUS-TRANSCODE license must be installed to enable transcode functionality on the Render Engine server. For more info, refer to Working with GVRE Transcoder.
  • GV I/O Ingest Appliance — GV STRATUS introduces a commodity hardware solution to support Ingests without the need for Replay in a fast-paced production and editing environment. The GV I/O Ingest Appliance has up to four Recorder channels with the baseband HD-SDI support via an on-board video card. A software only version is also available for users to deploy the solution on standard IT hardware in their production systems. For more info, refer to GV I/O Live Ingest and Playback.
  • GV STRATUS Web Client enhancements — The GV STRATUS Web Client is enhanced with transfer, archive, advanced search options, send destinations, and job monitoring features that are accessible anywhere from desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. For more info, refer to GV STRATUS Web Client.
  • GV STRATUS Proxy Streaming Service — The addition of GV STRATUS Proxy Streaming Service allows frame accurate playback of proxy files in GV STRATUS Web Client within an HTML5 standard browser. For more details, refer to Express server components and Core Server components.
  • Dashboard enhancement — The Dashboard tool supports a new tab to display data in graphical form for statistical information of all Social Media platforms. Additional roles are added to manage user access of each tab in the Dashboard tool. For more info, refer to The Dashboard tool.
  • Social Media rules — GV STRATUS introduces 2 new rules - "Publish Social Media" and "Social Media Counts" to support the Social Media Management workflow. For more info, refer to Adding a publish external media network rule and Adding a media network counts rule.
  • Rename Asset Rights — Introduction of a new role in GV STRATUS to limit renaming of assets to approved users only. Existing users and groups that do not have this role must be assigned with the Rename Asset Rights role in GV STRATUS Control Panel if needed. For more info, refer to Authorization Manager settings.
  • Scavenge Priority — GV STRATUS supports the customization of proxy scavenge workflow. For more info, refer to Scavenge Priority settings and Scavenge Priority Add/Modify settings.
  • Mono/Stereo Audio Mode Shortcuts — Enhancements of GV STRATUS keyboard shortcuts to support the toggle of Mono/Stereo audio mode in the Source Viewer and Inspector. For more info, refer to Using the Audio Overlay, Inspector keyboard shortcuts, and Source Viewer keyboard shortcuts.
  • Protection of Segments — Enhancement in the Segmentation tool to protect individual segments from modification and deletion. For more info, refer to Protecting a segment.
  • Segment Preview enhancement — The Segmentation tool allows users to play clip after the mark-out point, as long as the loop mode is off. For more info, refer to Previewing a segment and Editing segments.
  • Setting of recording location in the same device — The Scheduler tool supports the option to only display recording locations in the same recording device when scheduling an ingest. For more info, refer to Ingest Location Setup settings and Adding an event.
  • Setting of date/time fields to local time for Avid exports — GV STRATUS supports the setting of date/time fields to local time when exporting assets into Avid. For more info, refer to Configure Avid Media Composer send destinations, Configure Avid Interplay send destinations, and Configure Avid ISIS send destinations.

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