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About GV STRATUS tools

The GV STRATUS application contains the following tools. You can find the tools in the Navigator panel under the Tools node.

  • Advanced Logging: The tool that creates and customizes logging of assets.
  • Assignment List: The tool that creates placeholders for clips and coordinates with rundown stories on the Newsroom Computer System and with GV STRATUS Rundown.
  • Channel Panel : The tool that includes channels and channel gangs for controlling one or more K2 channels.
  • House Number: The panel that populates the house number list and links assets to house numbers from the traffic system.
  • Playlist Editor: The tool that creates and modifies playlists. This tool uses a K2 channel.
  • RMI: RMI is the acronym for Removable Media Interface. It is the tool that populates and ingests files from multiple removable media devices such as P2 and XDCAM. The RMI tool requires a GV STRATUS client with access to high-resolution assets.
  • Scheduled Transfer: The tool that schedules events to be transferred into a repository.
  • Scheduler: The tool that schedules events to be recorded.
  • Segmentation Tool: The tool that creates segments from assets.
  • Send Message: The tool that sends and receives messages and attachments between users logged on to GV STRATUS applications.
  • Source Viewer: The tool that plays assets and provides controls for adding markers, keywords, and other features.
  • Storyboard Editor: The tool that creates and modifies sequences. This tool does not use a K2 channel.

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