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GV STRATUS Version 6.5

  • 4K (QFHD) and 1080p support — GV STRATUS now supports 4K QFHD (single essence – file only) and 1080p formats. STRATUS-QFHD license is required to enable GV STRATUS operations with 4K (QFHD) assets. For more info, refer to 4K (QFHD) and 1080p supported formats.
  • The Simple Editor tool on GV STRATUS Web Client — The GV STRATUS Web Client is enhanced with a simple editing tool that is accessible anywhere from desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. For more info, refer to The Simple Editor tool.
  • GV I/O Ingest Appliance enhancement — The GV I/O Ingest Appliance now supports ingests via the IP network. Configurations of IP Ingest channels can be done via Control Panel and Channel Panel. For more info, refer to GV I/O Record Channel settings and Modifying a Channel Panel while in use.
  • GV STRATUS External Media Engine — GV STRATUS introduces the new GV STRATUS External Media Engine on the GV STRATUS Core server, Workflow Server, or a separate server, to publish content and metadata to popular social media networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) via Social Media CMS-Systems. For more info, refer to Publishing content to Social Media platforms and External Media Engine Server set up process.
  • Support of Verizon CMS System — GV STRATUS supports publishing of assets to popular social media networks via the Verizon CMS system with the GV STRATUS application. For more info, refer to External Media Locations Configuration Add/Modify settings and Configure and authenticate Verizon location.
  • Rename of Social Media rules — Both Social Media rules have been renamed to - "Publish External Media Network rule" and "Media Network Counts rule" to support both Social Media and External Media workflows. For more info, refer to Adding a publish external media network rule and Adding a media network counts rule.
  • GV STRATUS Proxy Streaming Server — GV STRATUS introduces the Proxy Streaming Server which supports frame accurate playback of proxy files in GV STRATUS Web Clients within an HTML5 standard browser. For more details, refer to Proxy Streaming Server set up process.
  • EDIUS Project deletions — GV STRATUS application supports permanent deletion of EDIUS Projects and associated assets from the GV STRATUS database and EDIUS project location. For more details, refer to Deleting EDIUS Projects and Deleting assets.
  • Affinity settings — GV STRATUS adds the Affinity tab in User Preferences settings to allow users to limit the display of Assets Locations and Associations to specific storage or device locations. For more info, refer to Configuring Affinity User Preferences.
  • K2 software version 10.1 compatibility — GV STRATUS inherits the latest features and functionality from K2 family products. You have the option to upgrade your K2 systems either to version 9.8.5 or 10.1 for compatibility with this GV STRATUS version. You can upgrade K2 systems with the typical software upgrade from the current version 9.8.x to version 9.8.5. However for the upgrade to K2 version 10.1, you must reimage and upgrade hardware in the K2 Summit systems. SNFS (StoreNext File System) version 6.0.6 is required to work with K2 Summit version 10.1. Refer to Upgrading to GV STRATUS version 6.5 and K2 Summit version 10.1 for upgrade information.
  • Requirement of Microsoft .NET 4.7.1 and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for VS 2017 — GV STRATUS requires the installation of Microsoft .NET 4.7.1 and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017. For more details, refer to Upgrade Microsoft .NET and Upgrade Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for VS 2017.
  • Windows 10 support — GV STRATUS supports the Windows 10 operating system for GV STRATUS low-res clients and EDIUS XS workstations. GV STRATUS high-res clients and EDIUS Workgroup workstations are also supported if SNFS 6.0.6 is installed. For more info, refer to System requirements for GV STRATUS client PC .
  • Windows Server 2016 support — GV STRATUS supports Windows Server 2016 for Express, Core, Workflow, GV Render Engine, Proxy and FSM servers with this latest software release.
  • SQL 2017 support — GV STRATUS supports SQL Server 2017 on Windows Server 2016 systems with the upgrade to this version of GV STRATUS software.

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